The best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more.
Outperforming the majority of investors requires doing what they are not doing.
Buy when pessimism is at its maximum, sell when optimism is at its maximum.
Buying when others have despaired, and selling when they are full of hope, takes fortitude.
Buy what other people buy and you will succeed or fail as other people do.
Timing, buy when short term owners have finished selling and sell when they have finished their buying, always opposing the fashion.
Focus on value because most investors focus on outlooks and trends.
Stay flexible. No asset or method is forever.

Sterling Private Wealth is an independent, niche wealth management and consulting business that provides focused, holistic wealth management advice to entrepreneurs, corporate executives and retirees.

We pride ourselves in developing close relationships with our clients, enabling us to act as your partners in providing professional guidance on the management of all aspects of your wealth. We regard ourselves as our clients Chief Financial Officer and Trusted Advisor. It is a view we believe they share. This Trust is not guaranteed. It is earned over time by consistently applying a sensible and rigorous approach to decision-making. It appears, via our many referrals, that this role is highly valued.  

We place a strong focus on maintaining an appropriate client base that does not compromise our ability to provide this service. As we ensure our underlying managers are not compromised in terms of asset growth, so we carefully select client numbers in order to ensure a common vision and to ensure that brand integrity is maintained. We are conservative in a measured manner and single minded. This is a trait many of our clients have displayed in growing their own wealth operationally. The avoidance of the permanent impairment of client assets, regardless of market conditions, is of paramount importance.  

Sterling Private Wealth (Pty) Ltd, Reg No 2007/004491/07 is an authorised finanacial services provider, FSB licence No. 32319



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