Wealth Management

Our wealth management and financial planning services work best with clients who wish to develop a mutually beneficial partnership with ourselves. Clients who are willing to learn, grow and when there is a gap between their current situation and their long-term goals, take the necessary decisions.

Our ideal clients are individuals and families who desire ongoing professional assistance and coaching in the creation and implementation of strategies to reach their life goals, as they may exist now or develop in the future.

Our wealth management firm is recognized as one of the best in the country. However, we realise that our service is not appropriate for everyone, and over the years we have found that our services work most effectively with people who share some or all of the following characteristics:

  • A desire to live a more meaningful life, enhanced by identifying and clarifying their long-term personal and financial goals
  • Acknowledgement that a shift in behaviour is often required to achieve their long term goals
  • An understanding that there are many ways to live and achieve their goals, and therefore a desire to explore their options
  • A willingness to creatively brainstorm with us and to engage in a continuing dialogue about the goals which drive their life values
  • Consider our firm to be the Chief Financial Officer of their personal and/or business life, and to confide in us accordingly
  • Wish to ensure that their family wealth strategy is perpetuated beyond their lives, and therefore will potentially provide long-term financial security for their families 

We take great pride in the service and professional guidance that we provide to our clients, but to ensure that our relationship is mutually beneficial we require that our clients acknowledge the following: 

  • Acceptance that a successful long-term relationship with us is a partnership
  • Recognition that we dont have all the answers, and that wealth management, like life, is not an exact science
  • Have realistic investment objectives, and a willingness to clearly communicate those expectations to us
  • A willingness to accept the investment returns offered by the market, recognizing that there is no foolproof way to beat the market or achieve above-average performance over the short or medium term
  • Acknowledge that wealth management, and specifically portfolio management, requires a time frame of at least seven years to allow for the vagaries of market and asset class volatility and the associated effects on an investment portfolio
  • Have confidence in our advice based on decisions made with mutual understanding and agreement, and therefore a commitment to ignore financial propaganda (daily commentators, financial magazines, well-intended co-workers, friends and relatives)
  • A commitment to hold up their end of the engagement by delivering financial information and completing the necessary tasks in a timely manner
  • Recognition that long-term goals can be achieved by making small changes consistently over time. There is no quick fix
  • A willingness to delegate their wealth management affairs to a professional financial advocate on an ongoing basis
  • A willingness to identify friends, family and colleagues who have a need for better wealth management services and meet our ideal client profile, and to refer those people to our offices for the same kind of professional advice and guidance that has been provided to them.

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