Core Principles

 Our wealth management strategy relies on six key business principles, all important in nurturing a mutually-beneficial long-term relationship. We consider the following key values to be the foundations of our business:

  • A two-way partnership with our clients - Communication is critical. Our clients need to be involved in the management of their own wealth
  • Personal interaction - We need to understand your core requirements, values and expectations, as well as your concerns and fears. A successful portfolio management strategy requires that we truly understand these aspects, which requires both time and meaningful personal interaction
  • As simple as possible, as complex as necessary - Wealth management involves co-ordinating and structuring varied and diverse components within a long-term strategy. We emphasise simplicity, but have the experience to ensure that all the complexities are taken care of
  • Cost-containment - Our sizeable asset base and a focus on simplicity provide us with the ability to negotiate the best possible fee rates on behalf of our clients
  • Long-term relationships - We value and insist upon long-term relationships with both our clients and our service providers
  • Independence - Independence enables us to ensure your wealth is placed with appropriate companies without compromising best advice. Both our clients and our service providers recognise this independence as being an essential component of our holistic value proposition

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