Partnering Service Providers

 Holistic wealth management requires the use of the following service providers: 

  • Administration services for the provision of products such as retirement funds and living annuities;
  • Asset management for the investment of funds into the various asset classes (equities, bonds, property, cash and hedge funds, both locally and offshore);
  • Estate planning (wills, trusts and tax advice);
  • Risk management (life assurance, including both personal and business risk management).
  • Compliance outsourced to Crux Consulting Compliance Practitioners CO 3485
  • Contact Waldy Barske, Managing Director 011 021 1012

To provide a truly independent wealth management service where your interests are placed first, we utilise external companies for all of the above requirements. We are therefore able to objectively assess and change, if necessary, the services that these companies provide on our behalf to our clients.

We only deal with reputable companies who have a long-term track record of superior products and/or services. We are aware of new developments in the financial services industry, but remain committed to providing access to service providers that have a proven track-record.

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