We charge an initial once-off fee on the placement of new funds where appropriate, and a recurring advisory fee paid from your investment accounts under our management. These fees are based on a percentage of the investment value. 

All fees or commissions earned are fully disclosed and agreed upon up front. Where we utilise companies for once-off or ad-hoc professional services (for example, wills and estate planning) we shall assess your requirements and then request a written quote from the relevant company for your consideration before proceeding.

We do not charge performance-based fees, as we do not believe that this approach aligns the clients objectives with those of the wealth management company. We provide appropriate advice and guidance on the management of your portfolio, but ultimately your wealth management strategy is reliant on the individual asset class returns as well as the performance of the underlying fund manager.

We have yet to see a practical performance-based fee structure for wealth management that utilises suitable benchmarks and offers financial benefits to both the client and the advisory company. Most advice-driven performance fees are one-sided!

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