We believe in building ever stronger relationships to push the boundaries of possibilities for our clients.

We provide focused holistic wealth management advice and services to entrepreneurs, corporate executives and retirees. We do this by fostering strong relationships with our clients, keeping the idea of being human at heart.

Core Principles

Our wealth management strategy relies on six key business principles, all important in nurturing a mutually-beneficial long-term relationship. We consider the following key values to be the foundations of our business:

A two-way partnership with our clients

Communication is critical. Our clients need to be involved in the management of their own wealth

Personal interaction

We need to understand your core requirements, values and expectations, as well as your concerns and fears. A successful portfolio management strategy requires that we truly understand these aspects, which requires both time and meaningful personal interaction

As simple as possible, as complex as necessary

Wealth management involves co-ordinating and structuring varied and diverse components within a long-term strategy. We emphasise simplicity, but have the experience to ensure that all the complexities are taken care of


Our sizeable asset base and a focus on simplicity provide us with the ability to negotiate the best possible fee rates on behalf of our clients

Long-term relationships

We value and insist upon long-term relationships with both our clients and our service providers


Enables us to ensure your wealth is placed with appropriate companies without compromising best advice. Both our clients and our service providers recognise this independence as being an essential component of our holistic value proposition

6 Step Financial Planning Process

As CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® Practitioners, we adhere to the internationally recognized 6 Step Financial Planning Process. We will go into detail on each of these steps when we meet with you.


The Sterling Group

The Sterling Private Wealth Group compromises a number of inter-related entities.

The company Sterling Private Wealth (Pty) Ltd includes a diverse founder, shareholder and director base. This may be viewed as the anchor entity within the group. Sterling Private Clients (Pty) Ltd is an Associate Company in the Group with a more focused shareholding that shares strategy, intellectual capital, infrastructure and brand with the other entities. Both these two companies are shareholders in Sterling Private Client Asset Management (Pty) Ltd, a Category II Discretionary Licensed FSP, that is used to more efficiency implement client strategies and portfolios. This is the entity that glues the group together, and provides commonality of purpose and objective.

Legal and Compliance

Financial Services are a complex and highly regulated industry.  We believe that part of our work is to interpret and explain the relevant information to our clients in the context of their situation. Keeping this as simple as possible, while being cognisant of the complexities involved. Legislation requires that we provide you with legal information about ourselves as soon as possible.


Here are some of our relevant compliance documents – if you are looking for something more specific and you cannot find it please email info@sterlingwealth.co.za

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